Virtual Tours

There are currently two online virtual tours, which are suitable for company social events, clubs, groups, societies etc.

These tours look to be entertaining, informative and interactive.  The tours incorporate Google Street View as well as PowerPoint slides.  The speaker aims to keep the audience engaged by asking various questions during the talk and afterwards is very happy to try and answer any questions the audience have.

The most popular virtual tour is “The Must-See Street in Cambridge”. This tour has been given to clubs and groups all over the UK, from north Devon to Inverness, and further afield, including Auckland, New Zealand and Sydney, Australia!

The Must-See Street in Cambridge

This virtual tour includes stories of a rather eventful visit by a monarch, student antics that hit the front pages, and intriguing details of King’s College Chapel, to name just a few.  Whether you know Cambridge well, or have never visited, this talk will whet your appetite for a return or first visit.

The tour lasts approximately 35 minutes, but can be shortened, if requested.

A free 5-minute taster of the tour can be accessed by clicking on the picture to the right.


The second virtual tour is “Charles Darwin in Cambridge”.  As above, this tour incorporates Google Street View and PowerPoint slides.

Charles Darwin in Cambridge

Why did Darwin, an undergraduate in Cambridge, say “The three years I spent in Cambridge were the most joyful of my happy life?

Why did he end up living in three different places in the city centre despite no plans whatsoever to live in two of them?

What could possibly have made him swear at Mr Harbour, and is there any truth in the suggestion that he may have inspired the TV programme “Come Dine With Me?”

The tour lasts approximately 60 minutes, but can be shortened, if requested.



The Must-See Street in Cambridge  costs £80
Charles Darwin in Cambridge” costs £100

Discover the hidden secrets of Cambridge with Murray Jacobs.

“Apologies for not formally thanking you for your super talk last week, bursting with enthusiasm and made everyone want to seek out the gems you disclosed.”

“Thank you so much for your talk this afternoon. So many tantalising snippets, which I think will get a few more visitors to come to Cambridge as soon as we can venture safely further afield and spend time seeing and learning more about the sites of this lovely city. Your enthusiastic and humorous presentation was really appreciated and the time just sped by. Thank you for being such an entertaining host”.

“Thank you for your talk last night our members found it very interesting and really enjoyed your presentation.  I think that there will be some of the members visiting Cambridge when things get back to normal.”

“Thank you so much for giving us such an entertaining and informative talk last night. We all thoroughly enjoyed your wonderful anecdotes and really appreciated the illustrations.”

“Thank you so much for a very interesting and enlightening talk yesterday.  While I, as speaker finder for my club, always try to find good speakers with interesting topics, with you and your talk I think I can pat myself on the back as finding a very good one.”

“Many thanks for last Thursday’s presentation.

From the extremely positive comments I have had about it I think I missed a real treat.  Unheard of BUT the members have mentioned that there was a discussion about the possibility of a second presentation sometime in the not too distant future.”

“Thank you so much for the very interesting tour you gave us on Thursday morning.  This was our first ‘visit’ since lockdown and you helped prove that such events will work.  There were any number of our members and guests, including the former Archbishop of Wales, who had connections of various sorts with Cambridge and they together with those of us who have no previous were all fascinated by the guided tour.  Thank you very much – now to find a Murray Jacobs in Oxford!!”

“Brilliant presentation, thank you so very much. I don’t know Cambridge at all but what a lovely little insight you gave us this morning, it was very interesting and great fun. Thank you.”

“Hi Murray, huge thanks for a fabulous virtual tour of Cambridge…  It’s a great format you have developed and the mix of sights, anecdotes and interactive nature works really well”

“We all enjoyed your lively and interesting tour! It was great that it was interactive and members were able to join in. Great balance”

“Thanks so much for giving us such an entertaining and informative talk about Cambridge this evening.  Your depth of knowledge and enthusiasm for your subject came across very clearly and I’m sure Cambridge will be getting a few more visitors from the Isle of Wight before too much longer”

“Thank you very much for a very interesting talk.  As you heard everyone thoroughly enjoyed seeing Cambridge through your eyes and experience.  I am sure it has made a trip to Cambridge on the bucket list for many who have not managed a visit yet”

I thought the session went remarkably smoothly and generated even more interest than I was expecting.  We have had some positive emails following the presentation which is unusual! (from a group in Auckland, New Zealand)”