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Looking for something a little different for your team to do?  Hidden Cambridge have put together a challenging and fun team-building and treasure hunt activity for up to 22 teams proving very popular with our corporate clients.  Please see details of our quest for Darwin below, or get in touch if you’d like something similar.

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Photography by Tom Oliver Lucas

Looking for Darwin

Charles Darwin said, “Upon the whole, the three years I spent at Cambridge were the most joyful of my happy life.”

Hidden Cambridge will take you on a quest to find out more about this famous character and what he was up to in the city.  You’ll need to be sharp to decipher a coded message that will give you an advantage in the first task – after that, will you be able to find the various places/things around the city connected with him? To name but a few:

  • The three locations he lived at, despite having no desire at all to live in 2 of them!
  • An image of him drawn by one of the world’s greatest illustrators depicting something he was passionately fond of doing in Cambridge
  • A place that you would expect to be closely connected with him, but that he never set foot in!

The clues teams have to gather at the sites are unique to each team and lead to a final task where the winner will be decided. But be careful – just one mistake could make all the difference! Bonus points are up for grabs, but you’ll need all your ingenuity to maximize your points.

The event will finish with a short and intriguing talk (well, we are Hidden Cambridge) about things you would never have imagined from one or two of the sites you’ve visited.  It’s a little more than your average team building/treasure hunt activity!

Corporate Events